100 Doors 3 Walkthrough Levels 6 7 8 9 10

100 Doors 3 is the third entry to MPI Games‘ 100 Doors series.  The sequel offers many new interesting puzzles in which you must solve to open the doors and escape from the rooms. If you get stuck, below is a full walkthrough to each level. 100 Doors 3 is available on Android devices.

Level 6 Walkthrough: First pick up the big wheel on the right, the bar and the small wheel on the left, and the pedals above the door. Place each piece of the bike in the correct place: First place the big wheel in front of the left door. Place the small wheel on the right side of the door. Place the pedal in the center of the big wheel.

Level 7 Walkthrough: Shake your device until the stars fall, revealing the numbers at the top: 43, 59, 16. Enter the code “435916”.

Level 8 Walkthrough: Shake your device to make the bugs fall. Tap each of the bugs to kill them. Repeat this until all of the bugs are dead.

Level 9 Walkthrough: Shake your device until to make all three mugs fall, revealing the key. Use the key to open the chest, then use the key from inside of the chest to open the door.

Level 10 Walkthrough: Drag the red circles to the red vial and the green circles to the green vial.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 6 through 10 of 100 Doors 3. Continue to levels 11 through 15.

Download 100 Doors and 100 Doors 2 by MPI Games.


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