100 Doors 3 Walkthrough Levels 16 17 18 19 20

100 Doors 3 is the third entry to MPI Games‘ 100 Doors series.  The sequel offers many new interesting puzzles in which you must solve to open the doors and escape from the rooms. If you get stuck, below is a full walkthrough to each level. 100 Doors 3 is available on Android devices.

Level 16 Walkthrough: Tap the four buttons so that their symbols create the one above the door. It should look like this:

100 doors 3 level 16

Level 17 Walkthrough: Drag the bug through the maze all  he way to the center to get the key, and then back out. Use the key on the door.

Level 18 Walkthrough: Tap the vials the correct number of times. From left to right: 2 times, 5 times, 4 times, 3 times.

Level 19 Walkthrough: Tap and hold each TV set until you see the numbers “7445”. Here’s where the numbers should appear:

  • Top left: 4
  • Bottom left: 7
  • Top right: 4
  • Bottom right: 5

Level 20 Walkthrough: Pick up the crowbar and the shovel. Open the box on the left with the crowbar. Use the shovel on the sand in the box to scoop up the sand, then then throw it onto the fire. Repeat this until the fire is totally out.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 16 through 20 of 100 Doors 3. Continue to levels 21 through 25.

Download 100 Doors and 100 Doors 2 by MPI Games.


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