100 Doors 2013 Walkthrough: Levels 86-90

100 Doors 2013 (not to be confused with 100 Floors) is the sequel of the one of the most popular puzzle games, 100 Doors. The game features 100 Doors with different puzzles to solve. It is available for Android devices. Below is a guide and walkthrough for each of the 100 doors in 100 Doors 2013.

Level 86 / Door 86 Answer: Enter the code “78512”. How we solved it: The symbols and numbers on each line form a word (number).

  • 53V3I/I = SEVEN
  • 3!6I-I7 = EIGHT
  • I=!V3 = FIVE
  • 7W31V3 = TWELVE

Level 87 / Door 87 Answer: All of the white balls need to be moved into the hole, but seeing the clue on the ground they can only be moved up. Therefore, you must turn your device to make them move up in different directions.

Level 88 / Door 88 Answer: Pick up the scraper tool on the floor next to the door. Select the scraper and swipe down on the middle of the door, revealing a dotted line. Next drag the scraper down on the yellowed paper on the left wall to reveal a box with scissors in it. Use the scissors to cut on the dotted line starting from the bottom and going up.

Level 89 / Door 89 Answer: The images on the wall show you that you need to press the animals in order form domestic to wild. Here’s the order:

  1. Middle-right: Hamster
  2. Top-right: Dog
  3. Middle-left: Cat
  4. Bottom-left: Squirrel
  5. Top-left: Fox
  6. Bottom-right: Lion

Level 90 / Door 90 Answer: Follow the dotted line/map on the ground to reach the end. Pressing the left or right arrows only turn you in that direction; you must push the up arrow to actually walk in that direction. Following the map, press the buttons in this order:

  • Up, Up
  • Right, Up, Up
  • Left, Up
  • Right, Up
  • Right, Up, Up
  • Left, Up, Up

CONGRATULATIONS! You have solved levels 86 through 90 of 100 Doors 2013! Continue to the final doors, 91 through 100!


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