100 Doors 2013 Walkthrough: Levels 41-50

100 Doors 2013 (not to be confused with 100 Floors) is the sequel of the one of the most popular puzzle games, 100 Doors. The game features 100 Doors with different puzzles to solve. It is available for Android devices. Below is a guide and walkthrough for each of the 100 doors in 100 Doors 2013.

Level 41 / Door 41 Answer: The boxes above the ground represent the code to enter into the keypad. Press the right arrow on the ground, then press the left arrow on the ground. A white square tile will be placed in your inventory. Use it on the top left box above the elevator, revealing the number 7. Next count all of the squares on the screen (there are 9). Then count all of the triangles on the screen (14, all of the triangles on the wall PLUS the two on the ground). Enter the code “7914”.

Level 42 / Door 42 Answer: Turn your device upside down and a knife will fall out of the ground and onto the ceiling. Pick it up off the ceiling to add it to your inventory. Use the knife to cut the two rope knots. Pull out the curtain to the right and raise the torch up to the top (toward the roof) to reveal the code for the keypad (2 triangles, 3 double lines, and 5 square with curved lines). The numbers on the curtain correspond to the numbers on the doors so:

The first symbol (triangle) = 7, the second symbol (lines) = 4, and the third symbol (square with curved lines) = 5. Do the math reflected on the equation above the elevator.

2 triangles: 2×7=14, 3 lines: 3×4=12, 5 squares with curved lines: 5×5=25. So the code to enter is “141225”.

Level 43 / Door 43 Answer: First start by figuring out each number to input into the square to make the statement true:

  • 2 < 3 < 4
  • 6 < 7 < 8
  • 5 > 4 > 3 (switched)
  • 4 < 5 > 4

The clue for the keypad code is located on the floor (plus, multiply, minus, divide). You’ll see each of those symbols on the wall with wires connecting each of the numbers. By following the wires, you’ll get the following equations, and the answers to the code:

  • 2+6=8
  • 4*3=12
  • 8-5=3
  • 4/4=1

Enter the code “81231”.

Level 44 / Door 44 Answer: In this puzzle you’ll see three shapes on the left and four empty blocks on the right. You’ll notice the shapes on the left are in the order of how many corners each has (the circle has 0 so it’s on the top, the triangle with 3 is next, and the square has 4 so it’s last). Find the remaining shapes and drag them to the door to see how many corners they have:

  • Top right in the ceiling (5 corners)
  • Top left of the elevator door (6 corners)
  • Bottom left on the floor below the square (7 corners)
  • The half star located in the corner of the bottom right of elevator (10 corners)

Place them in the squares on the right (top to bottom) from least amount of corners (top) to most (bottom).

Level 45 / Door 45 Answer: This is a timed puzzle, that’s quite easy to figure out. There are 8 green balls that you must drag to the middle circle before the timer runs out. Hint: Start when the timer is at 5 seconds for the most amount of time.

Level 46 / Door 46 Answer: Press the green ball and put it into the grey square (the bottom one without the red X). Press the green button. Press the green ball again and put it back into the grey square. Flip your device upside down then back rightside up.

Level 47 / Door 47 Answer: This puzzle requires you to balance the two scales using the items. There are 5 different items on the floor and 2 hidden items which you must find (The first is in the light above the door which you must drag down; the second item is a sled which can be obtained by tilting your device to the left). Place the items one by one onto the scale.

Put the following items on the left scale: Sled, 3kg weight, blue weight. Put everything else on the right scale. Proceed to next level.

Level 48 / Door 48 Answer: The images on the door serve as a hint to what the pictures on the right need to be changed to.

  1. shape
  2. earth rotation
  3. earth revolution
  4. moon

Change the images on the right to a circle, 24, 3, and a picture of the moon. When finished it should look like the image below:

100 Doors 2013 level 48 answer

Level 49 / Door 49 Answer: There are many ways to solve this puzzle, but the pattern on the ground serves as the key. The colors and directions shown on the ground represent the pattern in which you must press the white buttons. First press all of the buttons and turn them off so you know which one is which. Below is an image of the order you should press (via)

Level 50 / Door 50 Answer: Tap the square and match the symbol. Matching the pair will result in the tile being removed. Hint: Each opposite corner square will always match (example: the top right and bottom left will match). Follow the colors below for the match:

100 doors 2013 level 50

CONGRATULATIONS! You have solved levels 41 through 50 of 100 Doors 2013! Continue to doors 51-60 of 100 Doors 2013!


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