100 Doors 2013 Walkthrough: Levels 31-40

100 Doors 2013 (not to be confused with 100 Floors) is the sequel of the one of the most popular puzzle games, 100 Doors. The game features 100 Doors with different puzzles to solve. It is available for Android devices. Below is a guide and walkthrough for each of the 100 doors in 100 Doors 2013.

Level 31 / Door 31 Answer: First remove the bars blocking the door by tilting your device to the right, and then to the left. Press the small bunch of green balls and place one on top of the blue tube. Hold the device vertically and the green ball will fall to the bottom. Press the red button.

Level 32 / Door 32 Answer: The goal is to get the bolt from the crossbow (top left) to the target. Each button represents the direction in which the bolt is traveling. You must guide it to the target by pressing the following buttons in the order shown below: (example, start at crossbow and press the button to the right of it)

100 Doors 2013 level 32 answer

Level 33 / Door 33 Answer: Match each of the items on the floor to the related picture on the cubby. Two of the cubbies hold two items each. Below are the answers:

  • Car – Road
  • Bananas – Tree
  • Scissors – Hair
  • Top Hat/Rabbit – Wand
  • Bag – Chimney
  • Jewel/Coffin – Suit
  • Stake – Vampire Teeth
  • Drill – Garbage

Level 34 / Door 34 Answer: You will see the word “DOOR” above the elevator, this is a clue. Collect the red ball off the floor and use it on the opening in the upper right. Tilt your device to the left and hold it until you hear a sound (about five seconds). Next, pull the ring down and you’ll see the clues; d=6, o=9, and r=11. The combination you must enter is “69911”.

Level 35 / Door 35 Answer: Enter the code “2824” in the keypad. Here’s how we solved it: This is similar to puzzle 11 in which you must figure out how many angles in the figures on the right match the 45-degree angle clue shown. The number of angles that match in each shape form the combo to the door. You may have been stuck because the bisecting line in the third shape does not create 45-degree angles.

Level 36 / Door 36 Answer: This one is a little tricky. The gold numbers above the elevator act as XY-coordinates, representing the row and column. For example, 114 really means first column, row four, landing you on the 5|0 button.  Keep note of each corresponding numbers (found below):

  • 1|4=5|0
  • 2|3=0|6
  • 4|3=7|3/0
  • 2|1=2/0
  • 3|3=0/5

There’s another part. The new numbers you found represent the position of the circle around the clock that you much tap a correct number of times. Starting from the lower right and going clockwise, tap each clock the correct number of times.

  • bottom right: 5 taps
  • bottom left: 6 taps
  • top left: 12 taps
  • top right: 5 taps

Level 37 / Door 37 Answer: Everyone’s answer to this puzzle will be different, but here’s the overall strategy. You must first catch all four different color fish by tapping the fishing pole (the best timing is to tap as one fish is disappearing to the left). Once you catch all the fish, look around the scene and count the number of objects that are of the same color as the fish (the number is always the same: Yellow = 2, Red = 5, Blue = 4, Green = 3) . The corresponding number and the order of the fish will determine your code to enter.

For example if your order of caught fish is red fish, blue fish, green fish, yellow fish then your code will be: 5432.

Level 38 / Door 38 Answer: This is another tricky one. A card of a certain suit and number will be shown. You must pick the next highest card of the same suit (remember the order and corresponding suit as this will come in handy later). Here’s what you have to press in the order shown:

  • 8, heart, card in middle (new card will show)
  • 10, club, card in middle (new card will show)
  • Jack, heart, card in middle (new card will show)
  • Ace, diamond, card in the middle (new card will show)
  • King, spade, card in middle (keypad will appear)

To figure out the code, you must remember the order of the number cards you chose and their corresponding suits. The value of the card must be added or subtracted by the value shown beside the suit. For example, the first combination was 8 and Heart, meaning 8-2 = 6 (the first number of the combination). Below is the full breakdown:

  • 8-2=6
  • 10+1=11
  • 11-2=9
  • 14 (Ace is equal to 14) +3=17
  • 13 (King) +5=18
  • Enter the combination: 61191718

Level 39 / Door 39 Answer: Enter the code “72112”. How we solved it: Tilt your device right, left, then right again to get the balls to fall onto the green buttons. Using the third set of equations as a clue, count the number of angles per shape, revealing the code: 7,2,1,12

Level 40 / Door 40 Answer: Tap each clock to see how many taps it takes for a full revolution. Starting at the top-left clock and going clockwise it takes the following number of taps:

  • Top-left: 7 taps
  • Top-right: 9 taps
  • Bottom-left: 10 taps
  • Bottom-right: 8 taps

Next, you must solve the division problems on the left side of the door:

  • 24/3=8
  • 27/3=9
  • 30/3=10
  • 21/3=7

Next match each clock with a division problem and the number that it points to:

  • Top-left = 7 taps = 21/3 > 2
  • Top-right = 9 taps = 27/3 > 4
  • Bottom-left = 10 taps = 30/3 > 6
  • Bottom-right = 8 taps = 24/3 > 3

Almost done, now you must press the clock the number of times that it’s corresponding division problem points to, resulting in the following:

  • Top-left: 2 taps
  • Top-right: 4 taps
  • Bottom-left: 6 taps
  • Bottom-right: 3 taps

CONGRATULATIONS! You have solved levels 31 through 40 of 100 Doors 2013! This is no easy feat so take some joy in your accomplishment. If you managed to solve even a few of these without a walkthrough, then you’re doing great! Continue to level 41 to 50.



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