100 Doors 2013 Walkthrough: Levels 125-129

100 Doors 2013 is the sequel of the one of the most popular puzzle games, 100 Doors. The game features 100 Doors with different puzzles to solve. It is available for Android devices. If you are stuck, check out the walkthrough for floors 1-110 here. On January 13, an update introduced levels 111 to 119 — you can find a walkthrough here.

On September 16, 2013, a new update added five more levels, doors 125 to 129. Below you can find a walkthrough/guide for each of the new doors added.

Level 125 / Door 125 Answer: Connect the spheres that are the same sizes. You can draw a line from a sphere that has no lines yet to another another.

100doors2013 level 125

Level 126 / Door 126 Answer: Count the number of lines from the bottom to each single line. Each column with a single line corresponds to one of the colored dots. From left to right:

  • 1st = 36 (tap 35 times) = yellow
  • 2nd = 16 (tap 15 times) = green, same row as yellow
  • 3rd = 27 (tap 26 times) = blue, higher than green
  • 4th = 8 (tap 7 times) = red, higher than blue

Level 127 / Door 127 Answer: Starting from the red line, rotate the blue lines so that they all connect. Tap the orange boxes to rotate the lines. It should look like this when it’s finished.

Level 128 / Door 128 Answer: Follow the pattern on the door to figure out what fills in the “? + ? + ?”

  • 3^0 = 1, 1+1=2
  • 3^1 = 3, 3+3=9
  • 3^2 = 9, 9+9=18
  • 3^3 = 27, 27+27=54

Press the keypad and enter “272754”

Level 129 / Door 129 Answer: Pick up the crowbar and open the sewer gate. Tilt your device to the right to roll the ball into the sewer. You will see the ball drop down into the pipe at the top. Just tilt your device to the left until it presses the red button.

Congratulations! You have completed doors/levels 125 to 129 of the 100 Doors 2013 update. Continue to floors 130-132.

If this guide helped, please like this page or share it on Twitter, above. Be sure to check back for walkthroughs when a new update arrives. If you are looking for another game to hold you over while you wait, check out 100 Doors of Revenge, the sequel to 100 Doors 2013.



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