100 Doors 2013 Walkthrough: Levels 101-105

100 Doors 2013 (not to be confused with 100 Floors) is the sequel of the one of the most popular puzzle games, 100 Doors. The game features 100 Doors with different puzzles to solve. It is available for Android devices. Below is a guide and walkthrough for each of the 100 doors in 100 Doors 2013.

Level 101 / Door 101 Answer: Pick up the red, green, and blue ornaments off the floor. Place them in the correct empty spots on the tree. The stack up presents on the side shows you the order (blue on bottom, green in middle, and red on top…hint: you’ll hear a sound once they are all placed).

Going from bottom to top, press the ornaments on the tree the correct number of times depending on how many presents of that color there are in the corresponding stack.

  • Bottom Row: Press blue ornament 2 times, green ornament (to the right) 1 time, red ornament (to the right) 2 times
  • 2nd Row (from the bottom): blue ornament 2 times, green ornament 1 time, red ornament 2 times
  • 3rd Row (middle): blue ornament 1 time, green ornament 2 times, red ornament 3 times
  • 4th Row: blue ornament 2 times, green ornament 1 time
  • Top Row: red ornament 2 times

100 Doors level 101 answer

Level 102 / Door 102 Answer: Enter the code “147251” on the keypad. How we solved it: Tilt your phone to the side to see the numbers formed by the green and yellow pipes. The green pipes show: 147. The yellow pipes show: 251. The green and yellow squares on the floor show the order you should enter the numbers (green first, then yellow). Combination = 147251

Level 103 / Door 103 Answer: Tap to rotate the 8 wood matchsticks on the door to point in which direction the corresponding letters on the wall are rotated. The red side of the matchstick should point in the following directions:

  • Left column (from top to bottom): Left, right, down, left
  • Right column (from top to bottom): Left, up, left, right

It should look like this:

100 doors level 103 answer

Level 104 / Door 104 Answer: Pick up the cutters from the floor and use them on the top lamps on the ceiling to reveal the clue above the door. The L represents the left arrow while the R represents the right. Adjust the arrows accordingly to make the clues above the door true:

  • Leave both arrows at 5 and press the fix button (L=R)
  • Put the left arrow on 10 and leave the right arrow on 5; press fix (L>R)
  • Put the left arrow on 10 and put the right arrow on 20; press fix (L/2=R)
  • Put the left arrow on 35 and put the right arrow on 50; press fix (R-15=L)

Level 105 / Door 105 Answer: Each lightning bolt in the circle is represented by a box with the corresponding shape in it.

  • Top left = south
  • Middle left = south east
  • Bottom left = north east
  • Top right = north
  • Middle right = south west
  • Bottom right = north west

Follow the hints on the door:

  • N = Top middle lightning bolt
  • N> = One size smaller than the top middle lightning bolt
  • N/2 = One size bigger than the top middle lightning bolt
  • N0 = Start from one lightning bolt to the left of the top middle one and go counterclockwise.

So the order in which you must press the buttons around the elevator is this:

  1. Top right
  2. Bottom left
  3. Top left
  4. Bottom right
  5. Middle right
  6. Top left
  7. Middle left
  8. Bottom left

CONGRATULATIONS. You have completed levels 101 through 105 of 100 Doors 2013. Just five more levels remain! Continue to levels 106 through 110.


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