100 Doors 2 Walkthrough: Levels 81 82 83 84 85

100 Doors 2 is an Android-based room escape game, and sequel to MPI Games‘ famous 100 Doors. Like its predecessor, 100 Doors 2 features puzzles which you must solve in order to unlock the door and escape to the next room. Using items, clues, and “all potential of your mind,” open the doors. If you need help, below is a walkthrough for each level.

Level/Door 81 Answer: Pick up the wrench and it to hit the guard on the head. Unplug the red plug. Drag the guard all the way to the left and open the door.

Level/Door 82 Answer: Pick up the two golden faucet handles (1 on the left sink, 1 below the right sink). Put them both on the sinks. Press the red button under the right sink to stop the fan, then turn on both sinks. Once you see the steam, press the red button and turn the fan on again. You will see the numbers “3” and “1” on the left mirror and “6” and “7” on the right. Enter the combination “3167” into the keypad, then press the arrow.

Level/Door 83 Answer: Shake your device, then pick up the shovel. Select the shovel from your inventory and swipe to the left on the big pile of snow to make it smaller. Do this repeatedly until all of the snow is gone and the door opens.

Level/Door 84 Answer: Spin the wheel until you see all of the numbers. Once the keypad is revealed, stop spinning and enter “7853”. Press the arrow.

Level/Door 85 Answer: Drag the sword that is underneath the man to the right. Tap it to pick it up. Pick up the rock located in the bottom left corner. Use the rock on the bear, then repeatedly use the sword on it until the bear leaves. Get the key from the man when he stands up and use it on the door.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 81 through 85 of 100 Doors 2.


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