100 Doors 2 Walkthrough: Levels 51 52 53 54 55

100 Doors 2 is an Android-based room escape game, and sequel to MPI Games‘ famous 100 Doors. Like its predecessor, 100 Doors 2 features puzzles which you must solve in order to unlock the door and escape to the next room. Using items, clues, and “all potential of your mind,” open the doors. If you need help, below is a walkthrough for each level.

Level/Door 51 Answer: Enter the code “1625” into the keypad. How we solved it: Count the wooden panels above the door = 16. Notice the number on the floor = 25.

Level/Door 52 Answer: Play Minesweeper. Tap all of the safe blocks. The numbers indicate how many bombs each one is touching. Tap the following safe blocks:

Row 1 = All
Row 2 = 3rd
Row 3 = 1st 3rd 4th
Row 4 = All
Row 5 = 1st 3rd

Level/Door 53 Answer: Tap the bottom left floor to find the hidden panel. Pick up the triangle and place it on top of the stone triangle on the right and you’ll see the correct order to put the triangles in. Tap the triangles to switch the order.

Level/Door 54 Answer:  Make the blue and red lines match up by pressing the knobs. Tap the left knob 6 times and the right knob 5 times.

Level/Door 55 Answer: Pick up the silver handle and put it in the space on the right wall. Take the handle again and use it on the blue crystal to cut a piece. Pick up the blue crystal and place it into the space on the right wall.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 51 through 55 of 100 Doors 2. Continue to levels 56 through 60.


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