100 Christmas Gifts Walkthrough: Levels 5 6 7 8

100 Christmas Gifts is a holiday take on room escape puzzle games. Created for Android devices by the developers of 100 Gates, gameplay for 100 Christmas Gifts involves solving puzzles to help Santa advance to the next room of the house. Below is a walkthrough for each level in 100 Christmas Gifts.

Level/Room 5: Shake your device left and right to open the curtains. Press the window.

Level/Room 6: Repeatedly tap the cuckoo bird until it goes on top of the clock. The window will open when it’s in the right place. Tap the present that the elf is holding

Level/Room 7: Tilt your device to the right to move the books. Pick up the matchbox and use it to light the striped candles.

Level/Room 8: Shake your device to put out the fire. Press the black pot.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 5 through 8 of 100 Christmas Gifts. Continue to levels 9 through 12.


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