100 Christmas Gifts Walkthrough: Levels 13 14 15 16

100 Christmas Gifts is a holiday take on room escape puzzle games. Created for Android devices by the developers of 100 Gates, gameplay for 100 Christmas Gifts involves solving puzzles to help Santa advance to the next room of the house. Below is a walkthrough for each level in 100 Christmas Gifts.

Level/Room 13: Tap the puzzle pieces to rearrange the puzzle. It should look like:

100 Christmas Gifts level 13

Level/Room 14: Put the gifts into the sled in the correct order, according to the lights on the roof.

  1. Yellow gift
  2. Green gift
  3. Red gift
  4. Purple gift
  5. Blue gift

Level/Room 15: Tilt your device until the bookshelf disappears. Place the hats on the door in the same order as shown on the Christmas tree

  1. Yellow = Top
  2. Red
  3. Green
  4. Blue = Bottom

Level/Room 16: Move the nutcracker out of the way and press and hold the white star button until there is a star on top of the tree and the door opens.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 13 through 16 of 100 Christmas Gifts. Continue to levels 17 through 20.


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